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iOS 5 Beta 1 and battery life

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There seem to be quite a lot of people testing iOS 5 Beta 1 and although I find the number of testers to be unusually high, this could be a good thing, as Apple have enough time to collect all the feedback and deal with it before the fall. One thing people fail to understand, is that the software they are running is not a public release and it is a given, that bugs exist. Battery life seems to be the major gripe and there are quite a few tips around the web on how to improve the experience with iOS 5.

I have been running iOS 5 for a week now and I must say the release is very stable. I am yet to find any major issues. Notifications are extremely useful and I believe had been very well implemented. I have tried different tips on how the battery life can be improved and I think have I managed to achieve the same level of performance, if not better, that I would experience on iOS 4.3.3.

Here is what I have done to improve the battery life of my iPhone 4:
  • Set it as a new phone rather than restoring from backup
  • Do not set up iCloud
  • Turn off Weather and Stock widgets in Notifications under Settings
  • Turn off push for email
  • Turn off Location Services for Reminders
  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • I also turned everything off in Spotlight Search, which I never use. I am not sure how much effect this has on the battery life though

Having done all of the above, my iPhone 4 running iOS 5 Beta 1 has seen a lot of improvement in battery life. I had it running for 3 hours now with WiFi and 3G on, full brightness, 15 minute fetch for emails, some browsing and a 15 minutes worth of phone calls and the battery is at 84%.

Another thing is, that with any new software we tend to use the phone a lot more than we would on day to day basis, which of course drains the battery. I keep reading reviews, where people send over 200 SMS messages in 2 hours. How?.. Why?

I am really enjoying iOS 5 Beta 1. I am actually slightly worried that the beta releases to come could make it worse, as Beta 1 is almost perfect.

iOS 5 battery

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