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25 Great Reasons to Buy a Nintendo Wii

The Wii, Nintendo’s video game console, is one of the most popular gadgets among the gamers of the world. The Wii competes heavily with Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox. Here are the top reasons as to why you should invest in the Nintendo Wii.

1. For the simple reason that Nintendo is probably the most popular name in the world of gaming and ranks seventh among the top 10 brands of the world.

2. The Nintendo Wii price is less even when a new product is launched.

3. Nintendo Wii gamers experience the greatest level of involvement with the console and the games.

4. It is the smallest of all the gaming consoles and can fit into any room quite easily.

5. The Wii has games for both adults and kids and both women and men. There are plenty of games that are people friendly.

6. You can go for racing games, arcade games, sports games, and adventure as well as shooting games, virtually any game discipline you are interested in.

7. Your whole family can get together and enjoy the great games on the Nintendo Wii.

8. It is user friendly and can be operated easily by anyone at home. The controls are very easy to operate.

9. Games in the Wii Fit program involve actual bodily participation. So, you can sweat it out while enjoying your favourite sports games.

10. You can create the Mii, your avatar that represents you in some of the games.

11. Once you create a character (Mii), all the information and further updates are immediately saved.

12. The controls are ergonomically designed to fit your hands neatly.

13. You can also browse the Internet using your Nintendo Wii.

14. The Nintendo Wii is also WiFi enabled and you can connect to the Internet without being physically connected to the modem.

15. The Wii also has two USB ports at the back and you can easily connect other devices.

16. You can also connect multiple Wii consoles and engage in multiplayer games.

17. With the Homebrew channel built into the Wii, you can also watch movies on DVD, take backups for games and run import.

18. The Wii channels help you watch videos related to the console and weather and news too.

19. There is a message board for Wii through which you can interact with other Wii owners.

20. You can easily download the older games and play them on the latest version.

21. You can shop for new products using your Nintendo Wii.

22. The Nintendo Wii is designed to last longer than you expect it to.

23. All the updates are automatically done and you don’t need to worry about not being current on your gaming console features.

24. The accessories are available easily and at a decent price. You can easily buy accessories like dancing mats, fitness features and steering wheels.

25. Nintendo Wii has some of the best after sales customer service support available.

I guess all this is more than enough to convince you to become the next proud owner of a Nintendo Wii.

Broken Sword game series on a Mac

Broken Sword

Broken Sword is an adventure game series which revolves around the adventures of George Stobbart and Nico Collard in several fictitious stories based on history and mythology.

I have recently discovered a way to play the Broken Sword game series on a modern Mac. There is a program called ScummVM, which imports the games and lets you play them from within ScummVM. Of course, you will need to have the game itself, which I am sure you can find on Ebay.

P.S. You may find that the original Cutscenes will not work, but you can download the ones that do work from ScummVM Downloads page.

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