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Squiz Matrix

Squiz have recently announced the launch of Squiz's new open source web experience management platform: Squiz Suite.

Squiz is retiring MySource Matrix, but in name only. Meet Squiz Matrix!

Squiz Matrix

At launch, the Suite will be comprised of the following components:
  • Squiz Matrix is the latest release of the popular MySource Matrix enterprise content management system. It delivers highly flexible and robust business integration and application development tools.
  • Squiz CMS is a highly usable interface for editing and publishing content within the Squiz Suite. It features true inline editing, context sensitive help and powerful collaboration features.
  • Squiz Analytics offers innovative and powerful tools to help optimise site content. Set goals and test the results using fully integrated and simple to use A/B/C testing. Squiz Analytics integrates with Google Analytics allowing you to leverage the functionality you already value.
  • Squiz Search utilises the Funnelback search engine (www.funnelback.com) to deliver high quality search results, contextual navigation and search based applications.
Read more on Squiz Suite here.

Investment in open source software will only go up from here

U.S. and U.K. companies and agencies cite quality, not cost, as the primary reason.

This year could be of critical importance to the open source software industry, with a recent survey showing a majority of businesses and organizations in the U.S. and United Kingdom expecting to increase investment in it this year.

A survey by Accenture also showed that nearly 40 percent of those queried also planned to migrate critical operations to open source systems in the next 12 months

Investment in open source software will only go up from here

Read the full story at Network World.

Double borders on a single element with CSS :before and :after

Until recently if I ever needed to create an element with a double border, like on the example below, I would use nested DIVs.

I have recently discovered a way of doing this on a single element (IE<IE8 users look away)...


Equal-height columns in a 3 column CSS layout

This is an example of one of the ways to do this using left and right borders on the master DIV, left and right margins on the central DIV and floating left and right-hand columns. The bonus is that this layout is elastic and even though the sides' background colour is set with border colours of the master DIV, it should be enough of an enspiration to produce similar layout with image backgrounds.

Do LESS with Less.js (CSS pre-processor)

Some of us may have heard of such services as LESS (Leaner CSS) and Sass (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets), but not many would have had a chance to use them. LESS was originally built with Ruby and allowed us to use variables, operators, mix-inx and nested selectors to construct our CSS.

LESS has recently been completely rewritten in JavaScript and will, eventually, become LESS 2.0. It will be able to run directly in the browser, as well as on the server, with node.js (which I am not going to cover here).

LESS.js is not yet a complete product, but does work great and is something we can already utilise for building our CSS.


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