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Easy Edit Suite (phase 2) and iPad

Easy Edit Suite (phase 2) and iPadClick image to enlarge...

Squiz have recently released the Easy Edit Suite 2, which is a predefined Simple Edit Interface for MySource Matrix (soon to be rebranded as Squiz Matrix). One of the features I was really looking forward to is the Asset Creation Wizard, which, together with the Asset Finder, takes EES to a completely new level.

For example, I have just created this article on my iPad. Matrix backend doesn't run on iPad due to the iPad's lack of support for Java. Of course we could always build a custom Simple Edit Interface, but we want it look as stunning as the iPad itself does. EES 2 to the rescue.

There are a few things that need to be fixed but those are mostly related to the fact that iPad is a touch devise. If you run on Matrix, you should install Easy Edit Suite 2... NOW!!!

Halloween Fireworks

The Easy Edit Suite 2

Just over three months ago Squiz released the Easy Edit Suite dazzling us all with its shiny, Mini-esque interface.

The Easy Edit Suite has now reached Phase 2 and here is an overview of some of the feature I am personally looking forward to:
  • The ability to exit the Easy Edit Suite without logging out of MySource Matrix (Squiz Matrix)
  • Asset Finder which allows a user to navigate the assets within a site, locating and redirecting to assets they want to edit. Dynamic asset lineages and displayed child counts mean that navigating even the most complex site is an effortless experience.
  • The Asset Finder not only accommodates easy navigation, but also enables several functions that were not previously available to users. One such function is the Nested Content division.
  • The Direct Children section in the Asset Finder displays the details of the asset's children and allows you to re-order these assets and navigate to a child's editing interface or directly to its linking screen.
  • Asset Creation Wizard allows you to create assets anywhere in your site at virtually any time. The Asset Creation Wizard's interface is simple and easy to use, with creatable asset types listed under selectable categories.
  • The Create Wizard screen has some nifty features including the automatic generation of file asset titles, populated from the uploaded file name; the Show in Menu option, giving users the ability to create assets as either type 1 or type 2 linked assets, and the option of creating assets in multiple locations by selecting multiple parents (the Asset Finder comes in handy here too!).


Asset Finder

Asset Finder

Asset Creation Wizard

Asset Creation Wizard

EES 2 will be available for download from EES download page next week.

Squiz Analytics sneak peek

Squiz Analytics is based on Google Analytics and uses the Google Analytics API to retrieve your site's traffic and usage information. But Squiz Analytics is not just another view of Google Analytics. The goal is to both improve the presentation of information that is important to you and fill some gaps in the functionality of Google Analytics.

It's important to note that Squiz Analytics does not require a Squiz CMS or Squiz Matrix system to use. All it requires is a Google Analytics account that is tracking usage on one or more sites. It can also connect to multiple accounts if you wish. Although Squiz Analytics has a powerful goal tracking feature, it does not require you to have any goals configured in Google Analytics. You can add goals through Squiz Analytics and, unlike Google Analytics, historical goal conversions will be calculated immediately. However, Squiz CMS will be required to utilise the A/B/C testing feature of Squiz Analytics, although the plan is to allow this feature to be used with any site in the future, including Squiz Matrix powered sites.

Squiz Analytics sneak peekClick image to enlarge...

Read more on Squiz Analytics at SquizLabs.

Amalfi 2010 photo set

My wife Tanya and I have recently returned from our holiday in Amalfi, Italy. I have uploaded some of the photos to the Gallery and Flickr.

Amalfi 2010 photo set

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