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Hurricane Katrina

The following picture was taken from the third story balcony of Saint Stanislaus College located next door to Our Lady of the Gulf church in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi on the morning of August 29th, 2005.

This is believed to be the initial tidal wave from Hurricane Katrina. The tidal wave was approximately 35 to 40 feet high. When it slammed into the beach front communities of Bay Saint Louis and Waveland, Mississippi to completely destroy 99% of every structure along the beach for 9 miles and over a mile inland. The destruction only started there. The flooding that continued inland destroyed the contents of all but 35 homes in these two communities of approximately 14,000 people. Hurricane Katrina


Standing cat

MySource Matrix with Funnelback Search

MySource Matrix

MySource Matrix 3.26.2 has been integrated with purpose-built Funnelback binaries, for indexing and searching of content housed in a MySource Matrix system.

Searches are performed against Collections, which are linked to MySource Matrix Site assets, and Meta-Collections which comprise multiple Collections (ie; for searching more than one site at a time). Configuration of Collections, Metadata mappings and indexing are performed under the Funnelback Manager asset.

The Funnelback Search Page asset has been expanded to include bodycopies for Contextual Navigation, Type Formats (HTML, PDF etc.), Featured Pages and spelling suggestions.

Funnelback search integration is performed through interaction with external binaries. These are included within MySource Matrix SSV for configuration during installation or upgrade.

Search indexing functions differently to MySource Matrix Search, in that content is not immediately indexed when updated. Scripts are available within the Funnelback package which can be added to the cron to update the index periodically. The frequency at which the indexer should be run is dependent on the amount of content being indexed and the dynamic requirements of this content. Collections can be reindexed independently of each other.

Get out of my way

Get out of my way

Rome - Air-dry

Rome - Air-dry

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